Pitt Meadows/Pitt Polder CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c42 & c43

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About the Journey: 

This Loop offers much variety in spite of being on dikes for a large percentage of the trip.  It features: views of farmland, mountains, and river activity; sloughs, treed parks, and the revelation of a polder as one would see in Holland.  Water plays an important part of everyday life in this region.

Composite Google Map
Composite Google Earth Map
Sub-loops table with mapping
Full Description

  • Alouette River Dike

Journey Highlights: 

Directions: Printable Description (PDF Download)

Directions: Counter-Clockwise

Metro Cycle Trail Loop
Pitt Meadows - Maple Ridge - Pitt Polder
Composite Google Map
Composite Google Earth Map
Sub-loops table with mapping

Distance: up to 82k, allowing for several smaller loops
Starting and end point: A good staging area is at the northeast side of the Pitt River Bridge
Connecting Roads - 15k – Some of the smaller loops are all trail.
Trails and Pathways - 67k
Mode of travel: Well maintained Mountain Bike
Level of Difficulty:  Easy terrain - long distance
Altitude -- basically flat
Suggested Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Finish Time: between 4 to 6 pm
Time allowed:  7 to 8 hrs including lunch
Fitness level: Should be in good physical condition and have experienced cycling over 40k

Features and Description

Suggested starting point
There is a gravel parking area at the northeast side of the Pitt River at the start of Dewdney Trunk Road at Lougheed Hwy.  Cycle up towards the north side of the bridge and then dip under bridge heading south on the Pitt River Greenway.

The Pitt River Greenway
The distance for this part of the Pitt River Greenway is 10k including Harris Landing.  At first it is between blueberry or cranberry fields and the Pitt River and then follows the Fraser River passing a distinct cedar smelling mill and the Pitt Meadows Airport to Harris Landing Park.  Head down into the park on the river side soon after going through a culvert tunnel enabling seaplanes to continue accessing the Fraser River from the airport by going over it.

Sawyer’s Landing Shoreline Path
Continue from Harris Landing on a path along the river bank.  We are told that there will soon be a small pub at this location.  Do take advantage of one the viewing platforms for a view of the Golden Ears Bridge (on a good clear day with Mount Baker in the background) and Barnston Island across the Fraser River.

Turn left on Bonson Rd at the end of the path.  At a roundabout, take the path east parallel to Airport Rd.  At the next road turn left and cross Airport Road to access another trail.

The Katzie Slough to the South Alouette dike
This part of the Katzie Slough provides a very pleasant ride on a winding paved path up to Hammond Rd.  Turn right to another roundabout under the Golden Ears Way to access a path on the east side.  Head south on this path to the next roundabout and take the road, 113b Ave, on the left.  It soon has a good bike lane and becomes 203rd Street.  Stay on 203rd all the way to the 123rd Ave bikeway after crossing Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Rd.  Turn right and follow it to Laity Street and turn left.  Stay on Laity to a T intersection at 128 Ave.  Take the path on the other side.  Go left on this short path to the Southe Alouette dike Trail and Greenway.

South Alouette Dike Greenway
Follow this dike featuring a heronry, a variety of farms, and a wonderful countryside that offer mountain views all the way to Harris Road where there will be a small Trans Canada Trail Pavilion and a bridge, known as the Silver Bridge even if this is a new replacement of the old Silver Bridge.  Cross the bridge and continue on the dike on the right side of the bridge heading east.

Equestrian Loop
This dike takes in north side of the South Alouette River and the north Alouette River.  Some of the trail is quite rough and tracked but continues to offer a real sense of this countryside some of it being reclaimed land.  Study the map closely.  Most of it is dike or elevated trail.  Watch for equestrians from the riding centre that use these trails.

Connecting to the Pitt Polder
Back at the bridge on Neaves Rd., go over the bridge and continue on this road to Ladner Rd and turn right.  This road accesses the Golden Eagle Golf Course offering a great stop for lunch or snacks.  From the golf course take Rannie Rd to a T-junction.  Turn right past a gate on the Pitt Polder dike system.

Pitt Polder
This enthralling unique area was reclaimed as a result of diking mainly along Pitt Lake and the Pitt River.  Watch for bird activity and if you have time take advantage of viewing the polder from at least one of the viewing towers.

At this time much of the dike around the polder is single track, a bit rough and grassy but rewarding.  There is parking at the recreation area at the head of Pitt Lake. 

The dike route follows the edge of a mountain that is part of the UBC forest reserve, the south shore of Pitt Lake, the Pitt River, and the Swan-e-Set Golf Polder This is a great lunch spot and public washrooms are available Course and meets Neaves Rd.

Back to the Pitt River Bridge
Turn right on Neaves Rd then right again on McNeil Rd.  Stay on the road up to a T-Junction at Harris Rd and turn right.  Stay on Harris and continue up on to the dike on the Pitt River.  Turn left and stay on the dike first to the mouth of the Alouette River and continue along this river up to Harris Rd.  Turn right on the bridge and turn right again on the dike on the other side of the Alouette River.  The dike passes a marina at the mouth of the River and continues south along the Pitt River back to the Pitt River Bridge and the starting point.