Update: Gate near Greenwood - Currently Unlocked!

Ongoing since 2011 -- UPDATE JULY 27, 2017 -- GATE IS CURRENTLY UNLOCKED FOR HIKERS AND CYCLISTS! -- Usual warning: There is a locked gate about 2km north of Greenwood. We know that some users hop the fence, but be aware there are dogs at this property that feel threatening to some trail users. To avoid the locked gate completely, when you are at Greenwood continue on Hwy 3 and turn right down the FSR Providence Creek Rd to access the trail (on the right after climbing the first hill on Hwy 3). If you are travelling east to west, look for the Providence Creek Rd to the right before the locked gate. For the latest conditions on the ground, contact the "Trails to the Boundary Society" trail coordinator at 250-444-7547 or email trailstotheboundary@gmail.com. Trail users are encouraged to call 1-844-676-8477 (Ministry of Forests) if you want to report an infraction on any section of the trail.